18 abr. 2011

The Things They Carried - 364 Day Anniversary

es interesante, el video da a entender que las drogas son las causantes de la separacion o "toma de camismos diferentes" de este par de jovenes, quizas asi sea la naturaleza humana, con estados efimeros de felicidad

Verse- What happens when two lovers meet for the first time at a bar, love at first sight, love at first sight.
Fast Forward 10 months as the ship begins to sink, who would have thought this could happen from a drink,
going back and forth it's like a never ending fight, and I ask you, why we have to go our separate ways.

Chorus- Memories of a tragic love affair, casual goodbyes and simple words, all that's left is a broken piece of me, this feeling can't describe my black despair.

verse- We shared all our secrets and our dreams, I wrote you a thousand letters, and in the rain in the morning I ask you why, why we have to go our separate ways.

Pre Chorus- Chaos, chemistry, bonds, broken Failed, and every day I wake up in this pail reality!

Bridge- Sitting in the avenue, blood like milk in the street, our hope starts to slowly dissolve, blood like milk in the street.

Outro- This is my black despair!